Raymon's Solutions


Allow employers to pay off employees' student loan debt directly,

tax free.

Allow interest deduction to be used by employer.

I will promote the legalization of cannabis on a national level.

I will work to decriminalize all other substances.


Create a refundable credit where people can contribute to paying down the national debt directly. These funds cannot be touched by Congress.

National Debt

Create term limits for Congress: 3 terms for

US Representatives, and 2 terms

for US Senators.

Term Limits

We must work towards acceptance. Nobody else has the right to assert dominion over another person’s identity or lifestyle.


Raise the cap on how much welfare recipients can have in their bank account before losing benefits.

We need to decriminalize homelessness.

Criminal Justice

End mandatory minimum sentencing, eliminate the 1033 program (no military hardware

for police)

and the 287g program. 


Establish an Environment Victims Unit to ensure victims of negligence and damage receive justice.


Reduce our military footprint to reduce our carbon footprint.

Digital Government

Develop an app-friendly interactive federal budget reports that are accessible to everyday people. Digitize as many functions and forms as possible to reduce paperwork and streamline functions.


Allow for the use of thorium-salt reactors alongside other sources as part of a much needed overhaul of our outdated

power grid.

Foreign Policy

End our nearly two decade old wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Reduce our military spending by 50%  (which still makes us the largest military spender in the world), 

and cut taxes accordingly. 

Restore Balances

Pass legislation that will require the President to name permanent cabinet secretaries. End runaway executive orders, restore the authority of Congress.